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As I was transferring my collection of cigars from various humidors and Tupperdors into my walk-in humidor, I encountered a storage challenge. Traditional cigar humidor trays proved inadequate due to their inability to allow proper airflow and humidity circulation when stacked. To address this, I collaborated with my 3D designer to develop a solution. After several iterations, I've created custom trays that perfectly suit my needs.

The trays I use are available for purchase on Amazon (from a third party, not me), or you can create your own to match your unique specifications.
Each tray is meticulously 3D printed in-house using durable PLA plastic. Please note that each tray is made to order, so I appreciate your patience. If your order requires more than five days to complete, I'll notify you via email.

Experience enhanced cigar storage with these custom-designed trays, ensuring your cigars are stored optimally for maximum enjoyment.

Check out my video on YouTube for more detailed info on this cigar tray riser.

I made these risers to fit this tray on Amazon
The riser measures 12-13/16" x 7-13/16" x 1-1/2"
The maximum tray size that can fit within the riser is 12-9/16" x 7-9/16"

If there is a color you want but don't see it listed, please message me, and I will see if I can get that color for you.

Since these come in four pieces you slide together, I can make each piece in a different color for a slight charge.

If this is a reorder, please let me know. We change filament manufacturers occasionally, and the colors may vary from one manufacturer to another. Upon reordering, I will try to make your tray with the same filament as your original order.

If you are placing a reorder, please let me know at checkout so I can make sure that I use the same filament brand and color that you previously ordered. We do use multiple 3D filament brands and the colors vary slightly between manufacturers.

If you need a riser for a larger tray, we have them here. 

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Black, Brown, Pink, Magenta, Blue, Orange, Silver, Yellow, Red


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Small Cigar Tray Riser


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