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The Fratello Cigars Vice Versa is available in 2 Packs, 4 Packs, or boxes of 12.

From Halfwheel:

Most cigars are only intended to be smoked in one direction: cut the end finished with tobacco, known as the cap, and light the end where the filler tobaccos are visible, known as the foot. A new release from Fratello is challenging that norm.

The Fratello ViceVersa is a 7 x 52 Churchill that uses an Ecuadorian HVA wrapper over an Indonesian binder and fillers from Nicaragua and Pennsylvania. However, it’s capped at both ends, something other companies have done on previous releases. What’s different about ViceVersa is that Omar de Frias, Fratello’s founder, said he blended the cigar to be smoked from either end. Not only that, depending on which end you smoke from, the cigar is designed to taste differently.
From Omar de Frias
“This project is easily one of the most challenging projects I have had the pleasure to work on,” said de Frias in a press release when the cigar was announced. “We blended a cigar and tripled capped both ends. The consumer decides if they want to start their smoking experience mild and creamy or strong and spicy.”


From Cigar Aficionado 

Some cigars are blended to start strong. Others are made to start off mild. Omar de Frias, owner of boutique brand Fratello, has a new smoke that he says can do both.

Fratello Vice Versa is a short-run cigar intended to let the smoker choose the power of the first puff. If you pick one up, you’ll think there’s something wrong—the cigar has caps on both ends. That’s intentional. You have to cut off both caps, putting one in your mouth and lighting the other. Which end you light determines the initial flavor.
“You choose,” said de Frias, standing at his booth at the PCA Trade Show last weekend. Depending on which side you put in your mouth determines if the cigar will start with spice or rather mellow. The cigar band is in the middle, and to help guide the smoker. One end of the band is red and says “full,” guiding you to the end that gives the fuller flavor. The other is yellow and says “mild.” For further guidance, the mild side is capped with a much lighter looking leaf.

There’s a vast mix of tobaccos in the cigar, from Ecuador, Indonesia, Pennsylvania, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Nicaragua. The cigars are made for de Frias at the La Aurora factory in the Dominican Republic, and it’s been some time in the making. “A two-year process,” says De Frias.
Vice Versa comes in one size, 7 inches long by 52,

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2 Pack, 4 Pack, Box of 12


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Fratello Cigars Vice Versa


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