2014 Crowned Heads 4-Pack Jericho Hill Willy Lee 6×54


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I had one box of these vintage Crowned Heads left that didn't sell, so I decided to break up the box into four packs. Enjoy!

Here's the deal on these cigars.

Crowned Heads do not date stamp their boxes, so you are going to have to trust me that these are from the original release in 2014.
I've never lied to you about any of the vintage cigars we sell, and I'm not going to start now. I even reached out to Jon Huber, and he could not help date these cigars.
As with all the vintage cigars we offer, I know and trust where these came from. I have known the original collector for years, and I personally pulled these from his vintage cigar collection.

If you want vintage Crowned Heads Cigars, you need to buy these. The cigars are still sealed in the box with intact box stickers. The only way to know for sure if these are more than a few years old is to open them up and check the cello. If these don't sell, that is what I will do, and I will offer these in 5-packs, but the price will increase significantly once the aged cello is shown.

You are just going to have to take a leaf of faith on this one.

Info from Halfwheel June 25th, 2014

The main image is from Halfwheel.

This July, Jericho Hill will become the third consecutive regular production release to debut at the IPCPR convention and trade show. However, for the first time, the company will offer a regular production offering from the García family’s My Father Cigars S.A. factory.

The four-vitola Jericho Hill line uses a Mexican San Andrés wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and fillers, the first time the company has used wrapper from Mexico. Its name, like many Crowned Heads releases before it, comes from music.

“There’s a 6′ tall metal print of Johnny Cash that hangs four feet from where I sit every day in our office,” said co-founder Jon Huber.  “Cash has long been an inspiration to me; not simply musically, but more of what he stood for as man–he was not only a rebel, but he had integrity and authenticity. That said, I didn’t want to do a literal ‘Man In Black’ cigar, but I found inspiration behind the veil of ‘Cocaine Blues.’  Buried in that song was the name, ‘Jericho Hill,’ which just struck a chord with me.”

The song tells the tale of Willy Lee, a man who travels down a destructive path and eventually kills a woman while under the influence of both whiskey and cocaine. He is eventually caught in Juarez, Mexico by the unnamed sheriff from a town named Jericho Hill. The Cash-theme continues throughout the line with each of the vitolas drawing inspiration from parts of Cash’s At Folsom Prison album: .44S is the caliber of gun the criminal carries in the “Cocaine Blues” song, LBV stands for “Long Black Veil” which is the sixth song on the album, OBS is in reference to Orange Blossom Special which is the seventh song on the album and Willy Lee is the antagonist of the “Cocaine Blues” song.

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Willy Lee 6×54, LBV 6-1/2×46


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2014 Crowned Heads 4-Pack Jericho Hill Willy Lee 6×54


2 in stock

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