Butane Lighter Air Bleed Tool Version 2.0


Introducing the Butane Lighter Air Bleed Tool 2.0 - Your Portable Companion

After successfully crafting and distributing thousands of our original bleed tools, we decided to take a step forward by listening to your valuable suggestions. Among the top requests was the desire for a tool that could be easily attached to a keychain for convenient, on-the-go use while ensuring its protection. We're thrilled to unveil the Butane Lighter Air Bleed Tool 2.0, designed to meet these demands.

Now, you can keep your original version at home while carrying this new, portable tool with you wherever you go.

This innovative butane lighter air bleed tool is expertly engineered to fit snugly over your lighter's fill valve. When pressed down, it efficiently allows air to flow up through the tip and exit through the holes near the handle.

Crafted with precision, the bodies of these tools are constructed from robust 6061 aluminum, while the tips are expertly crafted from brass. The Gloss Black and Gunmetal Grey versions feature anodized bodies, adding an extra layer of durability, while the Silver variant boasts uncoated, plain aluminum.

Measuring at a compact 2 inches in length and half an inch in diameter, this tool is perfect for those who appreciate quality and precision.

What sets us apart is our commitment to American craftsmanship. These tools are proudly 100% made in the USA, ensuring the highest quality standards in the industry.

Please note that the keychain attachment may vary from the one depicted in the photo.

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GunMetal, Raw Aluminum, Black, Brass


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Butane Lighter Air Bleed Tool Version 2.0


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